Sunday, February 3, 2008

Woman ticketed when dog called 911

Who needs the bomb squad, the police or the fire department? Probably not Sylvia D'Antonio, because she has Slayer the wonder dog. The New Jersey woman claimed she trained the five-year-old German shepherd to sniff out bombs, drugs and fireworks, and to extinguish small fires.

But D'Antonio's newest lesson — teaching Slayer to dial 911 — landed her in trouble in August, 2005. Parsippany Police Sgt. Yvonne Christiano said a concerned dispatcher sent officers to D'Antonio's home after three consecutive non-verbal 911 calls were traced to her home.

"There was no verbal response when the dispatcher picked up the calls, just heavy breathing," Christiano said. But when police arrived at D'Antonio's home, they found her in good health. She told them that she had been training her dog to make calls to 911. D'Antonio also acknowledged that she should not have used the emergency line to train a non-service dog, Christiano said.

D'Antonio alleges that she informed police in advance that she would be training Slayer and had told them not to respond to any calls from her address. She also said that she had trained the dog to detect bombs, drugs and fireworks, and the dog recently extinguished flames from a firework that had ignited on her lawn.

Police issued D'Antonio a summons for disorderly conduct. (info from Court TV)

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