Sunday, February 3, 2008

Man arrested for false 911 report of carjacking
and beating after he crashed car

A man in Portland, Oregon was arrested for calling 911 to report a fake carjacking last summer. Earl Gilliam, 18, told dispatchers he and a passenger in his car were assaulted with baseball bats and then had their car stolen.

Minutes before the 911 call, Clackamas County deputies found Gilliam's car unoccupied in a parking lot. Gilliam later admitted to deputies that he had hit a speed bump in the parking lot and crashed into a tree. The passenger in his car, 18-year-old Caleb Croteau, was severely injured in the crash, deputies said.

Croteau and Gilliam walked a half-mile mile back to Gilliam's apartment, passing an open gas station along the way where medical personnel could have been requested, according to sheriff's deputies. Croteau was listed in critical condition.

Gilliam was arrested on charges of assault, hit-and-run, initiating a false police report, improper use of 911 and reckless endangerment. (info from Fox5News Las Vegas)

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