Friday, February 1, 2008

Man called 911 to complain about SWAT team.

A robbery suspect dialed 911 in August, 2007 when a police SWAT team entered his home after a one-hour standoff. Miami police said the man and another man were wanted in two liquor store robberies.

Detectives tracked the two men to a home in Miami. When officers knocked on the home's door Thursday morning, one man surrendered immediately, but the other barricaded himself inside.

Police called in the SWAT team and that's when the suspected robber called 911. "As our SWAT team was going in, he became very upset and called 911 and said a burglar was breaking into his house," said Lt. Bill Schwartz with the Miami Police Department. "That was us."

Schwartz said the man ended up surrendering peacefully. Neither of the men were immeditely identified but police said both would face armed robbery charges, and the man who caused the standoff will also be charged with resisting arrest. (info from

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