Sunday, February 3, 2008

Woman called 911 to beat traffic ticket

A Wisconsin woman tried modern, high-tech method to evade a traffic ticket in 2006. She was stopped on suspicion of a traffic violation. It turned out she was also driving on a suspended license.

As the officer walked to his car to run a check on her driver's information, reports of a robbery at a nearby Wallgreens came over his radio. The officer let the woman go and rushed to the drugstore, where he and fellow police surrounded the building. It seemed to be the woman's lucky day.

It was until police realized that the 911 call was a fake, and recognized the woman's voice on the recording. Police say she placed the call from her cellphone as the officer was walkning to his car to check her license.

She was arrested at her home later on suspicion of misusing 911 and obstructing an investigation. (info from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

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