Friday, February 8, 2008

Twin 11-year-old girls made 122 prank 911 calls

For nearly a week, Lorain, Ohio police received prank 911 calls from a cellphone. The phone number was traced to a specific block, but officers were unable to locate the caller.

On Sunday, a call was traced to a house, but when the investigation didn't turn up the caller, officers tried the house directly behind that residence. An adult at the home told police her 11-year-old twin daughters were given a cellphone, but it was not activated. The officer called 911 from the cellphone and police dispatchers matched it to the 122 calls that had been made over four days by the girls.

According to police, the 911 calls were "harassing and taunting" in nature. The girls had called dispatchers various names and made sarcastic cries for help. Often the caller had referred to herself as "we" and during one call the caller identified herself as one of the twins and gave her age.

The twin girls admitted to making some of the calls, but said they were trying to call a friend and dialed 911 by accident. Both girls were cited for 122 counts of delinquency by reason of disruption of public service. Disrupting public service is a felony and if convicted, the girls could be sent to a detention facility. (info from the Cleveland Morning Journal)

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