Saturday, February 2, 2008

Man called 911 while being crushed in junk yard

Mark Wassum was scavanging for parts in a Pennsylvania junkyard, and wasn't being careful.

He called 911 and said, "I'm at Pic-A-Part. A car just fell on my face."

The dispatcher sent police to the Pic-A-Part junkyard, but the man couldn't say exactly where he was located. Police and firefighters had to scour a junkyard filled with thousands of cars, while the dispatcher tried to keep him alive.

"Sir, if you have blood in your mouth just try to spit it out and try to position your body. I know it's tough," the dispatcher told the caller.

But the longer the weight of the BMW pressed on the man's head, the more desperate and panicked he became. The dispatcher followed a police officer's quick-witted plan. The officer told her to listen for his police siren. It would indicate when he was getting closer to the man and his cell phone.

"I hear a siren now. A faint siren. Sir, I hear the siren. They are looking for you right now," the dispatcher said.

"Yeah, it's louder," she said as police neared the trapped man. The plan worked.

Two months later, asked if he remembers anything, Wassum said, "A little bit -- only turning a wrench and watching it fall, and after that I don't remember nothing."

And, after suffering only a scratch, he's back to work repairing cars. "I don't go to that junkyard no more, and now I jack up cars the right way," Wassum said. (info from

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