Saturday, February 2, 2008

Chicago prankster activates California SWAT team

A SWAT team mistakenly busted into a Salinas, California home recently after police received a 911 call. What's baffling to police is that the 911 call was a prank generated from a computer thousands of miles away in Chicago.

Investigators said it's a new cyber-crime that is hitting police departments. People are making the fake 911 calls with the sole goal of getting SWAT team called to homes of unsuspecting people.

It's a prank that many fear could turn deadly.

"We have officers showing up with shotguns, handguns, if our SWAT team is on the street they show up with their sub-machine guns, or their rifles that they carry because of their collateral duties, and it puts innocent people in jeopardy," warned David Shaw of the Salinas police department. (info from LiveLeak)

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