Sunday, February 3, 2008

911 prank call injures four firefighters

In 2006, Texas teenager Jonathan Davis was arrested for making prank calls to 911 — one of which resulted in a truck flip that injured four firefighters.

Investigators let Davis listen to the recordings of nine prank calls. He said he made seven of them and a friend of his might have made the other two.

This is the Aug. 31 call which caused the crash where firefighters were injured:
911: You said a house is on fire?
Davis: Yes ma’am. And there’s a baby in there.
911: Do you see any smoke or flames coming from the house?
Davis: Yes ma’am.

On the way to the house, Engine 508 rolled over, totaling the firetruck (which cost about $450,000) and hurting the firemen.

Scott Clements, an arson investigator, said it seems the motive for that call was a fight between Davis and his father. There wasn't word on why he made the other calls. "I’d just tell them I’m sorry," Davis said of the injured firefighters. "I deserve to go to jail for that." (info from Houstonist)

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