Saturday, February 2, 2008

911 center got false calls from Bin Laden
and boy with penis stuck in bottle

In March of last year, Michigan police deputies charged three subjects for allegedly making 16 prank phone calls to the Tompkins County 911 Center over a three-day period.

It is alleged that on 02-10-07, at approximately 10:08 AM, Corey J. Bruneau, age 17, called 911 and said he was Osama Bin Laden and needed to speak with police. He allegedly called again at 10:15 AM and reported that he had gotten his penis stuck in a shampoo bottle while masturbating and needed the police at a fake address.

It is further alleged, that on 02-10-07, at approximately 11:30 PM, Falicia Singer, age 17, called 911 and reported that someone was breaking into her apartment while she hid under her bed, and then added that the intruder was inside her apartment. The defendant provided an address other than her own. Several deputies responded to the apartment complex under emergency circumstances. A female juvenile was also charged for particapating with Singer.

On 02-11-07, at 1:06 PM, Singer allegedly made another call during which she stated that a local daycare facility was being robbed. This complaint was also unfounded.

Both Bruneau and Singer were charged with two counts each of Falsely Reporting an Incident. The aforementioned juvenile was charged similarly with one count. Both Bruneau and Singer were released on Appearance Tickets ordering them to appear in court. (info from the Lansing Star)

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