Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Police responded to 911 call to 911 center,
and found dispatcher with drugs

A 911 dispatcher was arrested while on the job in Virginia last May. She was caught with cocaine and marijuana and was immediately relieved of her duties.

Police answered a 911 call at the very place that receives emergency calls, the Emergency Communications Center. Jeanine Miller, a newly hired dispatcher, was suspected of having drugs at work.

She had been on the job after five weeks training as a dispatcher when she was arrested. Miller was charged with the felony of drug possession. "Occasionally, things like this happen and what we want to say is thank God it doesn't happen very often,” said Tom Hansen of the Emergency Communications Center.

Miller again no longer works at the ECC. She appeared in court and was released on bond. A condition of her bond is that she stay drug free. (info from WCAV TV)

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