Saturday, February 2, 2008

Retired teacher victimized by 33 fake calls to 911.
Police even broke down her door

A retired Dallas school teacher was targeted by an unidentified prankster who called 911 to report fictitious trouble at her home in early 2006. Police and firefighters repeatedly rushed to Mary Johnson's home, even breaking down her door on one occasion when she was not home to answer the door.

"It looked like the SWAT team, there were so many of them. I was really wondering what was going on," Johnson said. "They said they got a phone call that someone was shot and bleeding in my house."

Police said the caller uses a prepaid cellphone to report fictitious shootings and other crimes, and that the prankster called 33 times during a five-week period.
Police said they are obligated to respond to every call to Johnson's home, but that they no longer use lights and sirens. Johnson has posted a note on her front door alerting police to the situation.

"I really appreciate what police and firefighters are doing," she said. Investigators tried to find the person placing the calls, but the prankster used a prepaid cell phone, which is hard to trace.

Before the prank calls began, Johnson had lived a quiet life on a mostly quiet street. "I go to work and come home, and church," she said. Now, she never knows when police and firefighters will bang on her door. "Every time I hear a police car or fire truck, I tense up and say, they're coming here," she said. (info from

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