Thursday, February 7, 2008

Injured murder suspect arrested after calling 911

Injured and disoriented after a night on the run, a man suspected of killing his estranged wife in November, 2007 called 911 for help with his injuries, leading officers to his hiding place.

Sheriff's deputies from Clark County, Washington found Larry Van Schaick in a drainage depression. He was treated in a hospital, interviewed by detectives, and jailed on suspicion of ­first-degree murder.

Van Schaick was wanted in connection with the death of Erin Van Schaick, who had been strangled. Deputies had been to a house where Erin was, after a call about a fight. A man who lived there came home and saw another man, believed to be Van Schaick, inside with his wrists apparently slashed.

The injured man fled. The witness ran to call 911. When officers arrived, they saw blood near one of the doors and found Erin Van Schaick's body in a bedroom. Officers tried to find Larry Van Schaick using tracking dogs, but the dogs lost the trail.

Van Schaick said he didn't know where he was when he called 911, but described his surroundings to dispatchers while they traced his cellphone signals to guide deputies to him. (info from The Columbian)

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