Sunday, February 3, 2008

Drinker called 911 to divert cops to McDonalds

A young man recently tried to divert Bellevue, Nebraska officers from the scene of a party by calling 911 on a cellphone and reporting an armed robbery at a nearby McDonald's. Police officers who sped to the restaurant found nothing amiss.

Martin A. Gonzalez was arrested about two weeks after the party on suspicion of making a false report. Police Chief John Stacey Jr. said teens have used various methods to avoid arrest, but "no one has ever been this stupid. It could have been a serious deal. Someone could have gotten in a wreck on the way."

Police arrived at a house after reports of youths drinking. He said numerous teenagers were detained, and others barricaded themselves inside the house. They refused to come out or let officers inside. While at the house, officers received a call about a robbery at the McDonald's about two miles from the house.

Few of the officers at the party responded to the robbery call because other officers were patrolling the city. When officers discovered that the report was bogus, they became suspicious of its origin and traced the call. They discovered that it had originated from a cellphone belonging to a girl whose vehicle was parked at the party, Stacey said. Investigators listened to the call and concluded that the girl had not made the call, but a male at the party had. They believe it was Gonzalez. (info from Omaha World Herald)

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