Thursday, February 14, 2008

Man called 911 before shooting himself in NYC

On February 8, a man called 911 and stated that he was suicidal, then shot himself in the head at the Sept. 11 Memorial in Staten Island, New York near the ferry terminal. Police immediately responded and found the victim pointing a gun to his head.

The intensity of the scene could be heard via scanner reports. "He's got a gun to his head! He's got a gun to his head!" yelled one officer, just moments before cops affirmed that shots had been fired.

According to police, Tobias Ganz was a German citizen who suffered from depression and had previously attempted suicide. He stuffed a suicide note inside his pocket before calling 911 about 5 a.m. He then shot himself. Authorities don't believe that Ganz, who died at Richmond University Medical Center, had any personal ties to 9/11.

"He was a bit strange," said a neighbor. "I always thought he would do something like this. It didn't surprise me."

The previous week, Ganz moved out of his apartment during a money dispute with his landlord. He paid what he owed, but before he left, he slashed his landlord's tires, the neighbor said. (info from the Staten Island Advance, New York Post, and New York Daily News)

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