Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Drunk arrested for drugs after annoying 911 calls

According to reports from the Norwood, Ohio Police Department, an intoxicated David Childers called 911 repeatedly Monday evening asking a variety of non-emergency questions.

Childers asked about Norwood's drug task force operations and then wanted info on his own probation violations after he allegedly refused to follow terms of his probation on theft, possession of criminal tools, domestic violence, inducing panic and resisting arrest cases.

Childers then demanded to know what his bonds were, and when he was not told, he hung up and called back threatening to sue because he was not guilty.

Police then went to Childers' home where they found prescription drugs that they say were obtained illegally. Childers was arrested on drug charges as well for misusing 911. Bond was set at $1,500. (info from

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bank robber called 911 to report herself

Nancy Waro dialed 911 Monday morning to report a bank robbery in Port Richey, Florida.

A few minutes later, she was arrested for robbing the bank.

Waro walked into a Bank Atlantic branch, handed the teller a note demanding money and received $1,900 in cash.

As the teller reached for the panic button under her desk, Waro pulled out her cellphone and called 911, prompting an officer patrolling the area and Chief Dave Brown to go to the bank.

Even before the officers walked through the door, Waro had her hands in the air and said, "I robbed the bank."

"It was one of the quickest bank robberies I'd ever worked," Brown said.

Police are still investigating why Waro dialed 911. Brown said there may be "more issues" involved in the case, but declined to comment further. Waro was charged with robbery, and was held in lieu of $10,000 bail. (info from

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Man called 911 to report Bigfoot in his yard

"Knobby" was the legendary Sasquatch (Bigfoot beast) that allegedly lived in Cleveland County, North Carolina in the 1970s. There were dozens of reported sightings, and a movie was made about him.

The Knobby hysteria died down, but he's ba-ack! Tim Peeler reported seeing a Bigfoot beast in his own yard.

Peeler called 911 around 3 a.m. and reported seeing a beast in his yard. Peeler said the beast came out of the woods and walked right past him. Peeler said he "talked rough" to the Sasquatch and poked him with a stick, but didn't have time to grab his camera and take a picture. He says next time he'll be ready, and there will be a next time. (info from WBTV)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Man arrested for complaining to 911 that Mommy took his beer away

Charles Dennison of New Port Richey, Florida was arrested for calling the police to complain that his mother had taken his beer away from him. Dennison wanted her to be arrested. He was jailed on $150 bond and is facing criminal charges for making false 911 phone calls.

(info from St. Petersburg Times)