Sunday, February 3, 2008

911 call faker sentenced to ring fire house bells

In 2004, a man convicted of making a false 911 call was given an unusual sentence by an Ohio judge. Kevin Yeckel, of Madison, was sentenced to ring a bell at several fire stations, and apologize to firefighters for wasting their time.

Judge Michael Cicconetti, known for dishing out unusual sentences, required Yeckel go to all nine fire stations in the Painesville court district. Yeckel was also sentenced to 30 days in jail.

In his 911 call, Yeckel claimed he was injured. As Perry fire and police responded, Yeckel walked away.

Firefighters said they believe Cicconetti's sentence fits the crime. He is using embarrassment and humiliation to drive home the message that false alarms can put others at risk. "What if someone else had a call at the same time while they're pursuing this false alarm?" Cicconetti asked during the sentencing. "Sure, it's a crime that has to be punished." (info from WLWT TV)

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