Monday, March 3, 2008

Man jailed for calling 911 about IRS

Douglas J. Smoot was held in the Madison County Jail in Indiana on $5,000 bond on charges of intimidation and harassment, after he repeatedly called a police dispatcher to complain about the Internal Revenue Service.

According to police, Smoot called the emergency center and began cursing at dispatcher James Janes, calling him names and complaining about the IRS.

Officer R.S. Richwine called Smoot and told him not to call the dispatch center unless he needed police help. Smoot threatened to hurt Richwine. After that call ended, Smoot called Janes back and threatened to hurt him.

Officers then drove to Smoot’s home, and when they tried patting him down to see if he had any weapons, he struck Richwine. Smoot was then taken into custody. Magistrate Stephen Clase arraigned Smoot on the intimidation and harassment charges and ordered him to be taken for treatment for his mental health issues, and then to be brought back to the jail. (info from Anderson IN Herald Bulletin)

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