Thursday, March 6, 2008

Child is tormenting 911 center

The Sheriff's Department in Noble County, Indiana is asking for help identifying a prank caller. The 911 dispatch center has gotten over 150 prank calls in under three days, presumably by the same person.

Sheriff Gary Leatherman assumes the caller is a boy of grade-school age. Sometimes the boy says his name is Bobby, other times he says he is Justin. The boy yells profanities and threats at the dispatchers.

Police are unable to trace the calls because they are coming from an out-of-service phone that can call only 911. Because of this, police are only able to trace it to a cellphone tower in Kendallville, but it is not possible to find the caller's exact location.

Leatherman is asking parents in the Kendallville area to make sure their children are not playing with cellphones. He said the department is not looking to press charges, he just wants the calls to stop because they are holding up a 911 line that should be used for legitimate calls. (photo & info from News Channel 15 WANE TV)

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