Wednesday, March 19, 2008

911 dispatcher gets jail time for helping robbers

Amanda Nicole Brooks, a 911 dispatcher in Georgia, pleaded guilty last week to burglary and furnishing false statements to law enforcement. She was sentenced to two years in jail for tipping off robbery gang that it was safe to rob a store last August. “She had let them know that the police were not up there at that moment,” Assistant District Attorney Brian McDaniel said.

Her alleged boyfriend, Jason Lee Baird and four others were indicted for the robberies. Suspects were caught in the act of breaking into a store and led lawmen on a high-speed chase through Mitchell and Dougherty counties, wrecked a car and fled on foot. Law enforcement found Baird’s driver’s license and later arrested him, and the others, one oof whom who filed a false stolen vehicle report after learning Baird allegedly crashed her Corolla during the chase.

Brooks, according to her former boss 911 Director Theresa Warburg, was a stellar employee until she struck up a relationship with Baird. Warburg and Brooks’ coworkers suspected she was being abused, Warburg said. (info from the Moultrie Observer)

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