Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Man arrested for non-emergency call to 911
and drug possession

Claiming to possess vital information for undercover detectives, career criminal John Hunter wanted police to pay him a visit -- so he dialed 911 in late January to report two armed men selling drugs on South Beach in Miami.

Officers did not appreciate his phone call.

Miami Beach police arrested Hunter after getting an emergency call reporting "two black males carrying firearms and selling drugs."

Officers rushed to the reported location, but instead of the gunmen, they found Hunter, a felon with a string of convictions including drugs and theft.

"I called in the guns because I have important information for undercover officers," he told a police officer. Hunter's troubles didn't stop with the bogus call. He had one packet of suspected cocaine, one of suspected marijuana and 119 more packets of other suspected drugs.

Hunter "caused numerous officers to divert from other calls for service . . .due to the nature of the call," and faces one count of misuse of the 911 system, as well as four drug charges. (info and photo from Miami Herald)

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