Monday, March 10, 2008

Fake 911 call claimed Heather Locklear suicide attempt

The Ventura County, California Fire Department and two paramedic units responded Saturday night to a 911 call made by someone reporting a “suicide attempt” by actress Heather Locklear, only to find the Melrose Place star in good health at her home in Thousand Oaks.

Capt. Barry Parker of the Fire Department said that the call did not originate from her home.

After speaking with Locklear, emergency personnel left the house within 10 minutes, and there was no need to take her on a "5150 hold", California legal code for professional staff taking involuntary psychiatric custody of a person deemed mentally unstable.

There is no word yet on whether there are any clues as to who made the phone call and whether it was sincere or intended as a prank. (info from Celebrity Cafe)

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