Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Man arrested for calling 911 for ride home -- twice

A mile from home, Carmelino Mendez only needed a favor. Instead he got a trip to the Immokalee Jail Center in Florida after Collier County sheriff’s deputies say he twice called 911 asking for a ride.

Mendez was charged with misuse of the 911 system.

At 11:59 p.m. on Feb. 16, Mendez called 911 and asked for a ride home. The dispatcher explained that 911 is only for emergencies, and that Mendez needed to call a taxi. Three minutes later Mendez again called 911 asking for a ride.

A deputy located Mendez and asked what his emergency was. "Nothing," Mendez said. "I just need a ride home and I don’t feel like walking, is too far away."

He then added "I know they told me 911 is just for emergencies, but I know you can do me a favor and give a ride home." (info & photo from Naples Daily News)

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