Friday, March 21, 2008

Drunken woman driver called 911
to report herself

In January, a woman in Wisconsin was able to give a detailed description of a suspected drunken driver and the suspect's vehicle to a sheriff's dispatcher, because she was calling from that vehicle and she was driving it.

The woman's boyfriend in the passenger seat suggested she call 911 to report her own drunken driving. He wasn't driving because he was too drunk.

The call came in on the Dodge County 911 line as a hang-up call from a cellphone. Dispatchers used a reverse 911 directory and called the phone, which was answered by a woman who identified herself as Patricia Dykstra. She said her boyfriend made her call, because "somebody seems to think I can't drive home straight." When the dispatcher asked her why, she said, "He seems to think I 'm too intoxicated to drive."

During a relatively pleasant conversation with the dispatcher, Dykstra gave her name, location and vehicle description before saying she should probably hang up because "I don't like being on the phone while driving."

Asked by the dispatcher if she had too much to drink, she said "I don't think so, ma'am." She said she was almost home and gave the intersection. Deputies went to her home, where Dykstra met them on the porch. She had consumed a six-pack of beer, she said, and her boyfriend a 12-pack. She was ticketed for drunken driving, her first offense. (info from Wisconsin State Journal)

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