Thursday, October 23, 2008

Woman convicted for 10,000 phony 911 calls

A woman in Montreal, Canada who made 10,000 calls to 911 over a 15-month span because of her spite for police has been found guilty of public mischief. Marie-Eve Dean was convicted Tuesday as a judge refused a joint recommendation by the prosecution and defense that she get a suspended sentence to be served in the community.

Quebec court Judge Serge Boisvert said Dean is immature, irresponsible, has done nothing to correct her behavior and is a high risk to reoffend. He wants Dean to get psychiatric help before he sentences her on Dec. 17.

Between January, 2006, and April, 2007, Dean and an accomplice overwhelmed 911 operators and some days clogged the system so real emergency calls couldn't get through. Dean, accompanied by her mother and sister, gave television cameras the finger as she left the courthouse. (info from

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