Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Neighbor drove shooting victim to hospital
when 911 call wasn't answered

Some residents of DeKalb County, Georgia are demanding answers about an unanswered 911 call last week after a man was shot.

Jose Lopez had stopped to get his mail when two men robbed him and shot him in the chest. Neighbors rushed to help. Several people called 911, but they said they got no answer. Several minutes later, one call was answered.

Rather than wait for police and an ambulance, neighbor Adib Hassen drove Lopez to a hospital. Lopez is in stable condition.

Lopez' wife rode in the car with her husband and Hassen to the hospital. Still not getting through to 911, Lopez' wife called her co-workers at the Doraville Police Department.

Now, Police Chief John King wants to know what went wrong. He's asked DeKalb County for details about what happened on their end.

Dekalb police spokeswoman Mekka Parrish said, "There were no issues with our 911 center. The two calls we did receive had to be transferred into our 911 center. We can't dispute other calls because another agency could have received them."

Specifically, Parrish said that at 12:07AM, DeKalb received a 911 call transferred from Doraville. After waiting on hold a little over one minute, the caller hung up. At 12:11AM, another 911 call was transferred from Doraville. At 12:16AM, Parrish said, the dispatcher sent help. At 12:21AM, police arrived at scene, but by that time, Lopez was gone. Parrish said the department will review the matter. (info from WGCL TV)

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