Tuesday, October 7, 2008

During 911 call, woman admitted stabbing and learned boyfriend was dead

An Ocala, Florida woman called 911 early Monday to say she had stabbed her boyfriend.

Police and fire officials arrived to find that Shawn Haney had been stabbed repeatedly in the upper torso and pronounced him dead .

The caller, Donna Pickelsimer, was wearing blood-stained clothes and reeked of alcohol. Pickelsimer did not speak with detectives, but she had told the 911 dispatcher that the weapon -- a steak knife -- was on the floor in the residence.

Pickelsimer -- who had lived in the apartment with Haney -- was charged with second-degree murder. A recording of the 911 call includes matter-of-fact responses from Pickelsimer:

"My boyfriend's outside. He's been stabbed, and he's bleeding profusely because he takes Plavix to begin with," she told the dispatcher, referring to an anti-clotting drug used to treat heart disease.

The dispatcher asked: "Ma'am, who stabbed him?"

"I did," Pickelsimer answered.

When asked why she had stabbed Haney, Pickelsimer responded, "Confrontation."

Pickelsimer told the dispatcher he was still bleeding when she went inside to get the phone. But when she returned to his body outside, Pickelsimer exclaimed: "Oh, my God, I think he's dead. There is no pulse, Ma'am. ... There is no pulse. There is no pulse."

It sounded then as if Pickelsimer was becoming increasingly upset, while neighborhood laughter could be heard in the background.

"What's the matter?" the dispatcher asked.

"I don't think he's alive no more," she said. The dispatcher told Pickelsimer to stay on the line while police and emergency medical services personnel were on the way. (info from Ocala.com)

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