Monday, October 20, 2008

Cops tasered cable guy while calling 911

Frank Wozniak says he was just doing his job when he was attacked. While upgrading service for Cox Cable customers at 4:30AM in Litchfield Park, Arizona on September 10th, He was approached by a man and woman who said they were cops.

Wozniak says they were screaming and yelling, ordering him to the ground. He called 911 and that's when he says he was tasered. The 911 recording has the confrontation including Wozniak’s screams as he was tasered. The off-duty officers are heard on the tape yelling at Wozniak to roll over while he is demanding to see police identification. Wozniak is also heard saying he works for a cable television provider.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident that involved off-duty officers Cam Siewert and Delores Baumann. The report says Siewert was concerned about copper thefts. No charges have been filed in this case.

Cox officials said that Wozniak was scheduled to work in that area at that early time and had plenty of items with him that identified him as a utility worker, including a spotlight on his helmet, an orange shirt and orange cones. Officer Siewert says he never saw anything indicating Wozniak was a cable employee. As a contract worker, Wozniak’s red Dodge truck had no company markings on it.

Wozniak says his injuries led him to take time off from work. He has hired an attorney and says he'll seek damages. (info from KPNX TV)

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