Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ohio 911 supervisor suspended, new director quits

Communication supervisor Cathy Jenkins at Delaware County, Ohio's 911 center has been placed on leave amid an investigation by the sheriff's office for an unspecified amount of time after meeting in executive session.

"The investigation was initiated after my office received information regarding possible improper activity at the 911 center," Sheriff Walter Davis said. "We have documentation that this involves more than one person and could lead to charges for several people."

Jenkins began work for the county as a telecommunications operator in 1997 and was promoted in 2002 to her supervisory role. Jenkins has been disciplined twice during the past two years for misconduct at work. In March 2007, she was suspended for 10 days for asking a subordinate employee to run her personal errands during work hours, for borrowing money from her employees and for threatening to retaliate against those who reported the incidents. In February, she was given a verbal warning for using another employee's name to avoid a personal phone call.

Meanwhile, Gary Lyons, the newly hired director of the 911 center abruptly resigned. Lyons cited a lack of cooperation with county Administrator Dave Cannon among his reasons for leaving after less than a month on the job. (info from The Columbus Dispatch)

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