Thursday, October 9, 2008

Burglary victims stabbed burglar and called 911

In late September a Texas couple cried out for help after an armed robber broke into their home. They stabbed the intruder. "I cannot believe this is happening to me," Jill Huddleston cried as she begged a 911 operator for help. "Please hurry. We're all bleeding," she said.

The pleas came as Huddleston's' firefighter husband Ron pinned down the armed robber Heradio Ibarra who got into the family's home near Eagle Mountain Lake through an open door

The 911 call lasted nearly 12 minutes. "We have got the guy down," Huddleston told the operator. "I have stabbed him several times. Hurry up."

"Do you still have the knife in your hand?" the operator asked Huddleston. "Yes, ma'am. I told this son of a bitch, I'll kill him," she told the dispatcher.

Huddleston later told the operator that Ibarra threatened her and her husband with a gun and a metal pipe and demanded money.

As the call went on the operator asked, "You said he beat both of you and your husband with a metal pole?" "Yes, ma'am. My husband's bleeding bad and may have a broken arm. I was hit three or four times in the head with the pipe," Huddleson said.

During the altercation Huddleston somehow managed to get a knife out of the kitchen and stabbed Ibarra. The suspect later informed the couple of some frightening news. "What is he saying?" the operator asked. "He's got AIDS, he just told us. And we're all covered in blood," Huddleson exclaimed.

As she talked to the 911 operator, she asked Ibarra "How did you pick us?" he never answered. Ibarra died as deputies tried to handcuff him. Investigators say he may have been watching the home before the robbery. According to police Ibarra had binoculars and knew that Jill Huddleston's mother was in the home as well.

There are no indications that the Huddlestons will face any criminal charges. (info from

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