Friday, October 24, 2008

Man jailed for 22 phony 911 calls

Christopher Gonzales of Jacksonville, Florida was recently arrested after he placed nearly two dozen fake calls to 911, prompting emergency responders to rush to a neighbor's home. Each time officers learned the stories were false.

Officers rushed to Jodi Harris' home repeatedly, responding to what they thought were serious crimes. However, Harris said she and her family were surprised when the officers arrived at their door.

"(He said) I was being beat, I was being stabbed to death, my husband killed his family and me," Harris said. "Every two days they would call."

At first, she thought the police visits were a mistake, but she soon realized it was a prank. "I would actually expect them. After a while, after it kept on happening I'd just expect them to come," Harris said. On one occasion, Harris said police were called to her home because they were told an officer had been shot and the body was in her car.

Not only did police respond each time 911 was called, but they also searched Harris' car and inside her home. "They're like, 'We need to check your house. We need to check your house,' and I'd be like why, and they said because someone said there was a body in here bleeding to death," Harris said.

She said the caller tortured her family and that her kids are now afraid of the police. Harris said for months she wondered who was behind the phony calls, until police let her hear the 911 calls. "I heard his voice and I was so stunned I was like that's my next-door neighbor," Harris said.

Gonzales is charged with making false 911 calls. According to the police report, officers were called to Harris' more than 22 times. Harris said she thinks Gonzalez was infatuated with her. She said the situation was a nightmare, and now with Gonzalez locked up, she hopes she won't see police at her door ever again.

"I hope he gets some help, I really do because I think something is wrong with him," Harris said. "He does need to be charged for it because, I mean, it's taking a toll on my family and my kids, really."

Harris said the reason officers had trouble tracking down the origin of the 911 calls was because Gonzales was using a cellphone that was no longer in service but could still call 911. (info from

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