Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Women arrested for calling 911 after being stopped by cops

A woman in Bradenton, Florida was arrested after calling 911 during a police traffic stop to request help from sheriff's deputies, but will not be prosecuted.

Bradenton police arrested Jessica Jones on a misdemeanor charge of abusing the 911 system. Jones said she called 911 because she believed policemen were going to hurt her. Police said there was no emergency when Jones dialed 911 during the stop in April.

Police said Jones, who was a passenger in the car, was belligerent and cursing. Jones told a dispatcher she wanted to know why police pulled over the vehicle. The driver of the car ran away during the traffic stop. There were five officers at the scene.

A judge released Jones on her own recognizance, finding that the facts of the case did not support a criminal charge. Jones did not misuse the 911 system when she called asking to obtain public safety assistance, Assistant State Attorney Pamela Buha said in a memo. The 911 call lasted less than 30 seconds. (info from

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