Friday, June 13, 2008

Complaint about 911 response to dog attack

The Arlington, Texas family of an eight-year-old boy attacked by a pit bull said they are shocked and angered by the lack of response after a call to 911.

Tara Spriggs, the aunt of Devontae Kohrs, said she wants other families know what happened to her nephew. Devontae was playing with a friend down the street from his home when a pit bull wriggled under a fence and charged toward the boys.

"I started running and then it started running and bit my leg," Devontae said.

Spriggs said the bite was deep. While Spriggs called 911, she said they weren't much help, and that Animal Control was responsible. "I asked her to get dispatch out here for police because the animal could still get in and out of the fence," she said

However, Spriggs said 911 never sent anyone. "(the dog) could still attack another kid at any time."

Officers are supposed to be sent if a dog attacks and isn't confined. A 911 supervisor is looking into why this didn't happen. The pit bull was quarantined for ten days. (info from Texas Cable News)

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