Friday, June 27, 2008

Car searched for after dubious 911 call

Investigators in Sarasota County, Florida were still looking Wednesday for a gray Cadillac linked to a bizarre 911 call Tuesday evening. They searched throughout the county for a woman who said she was kidnapped, blindfolded and held in a car near the interstate highway.

Neither the car nor the woman was found. Authorities continued to look even though the veracity of the phone call was in doubt.

In the aftermath of Denise Lee's death, when Charlotte County 911 operators were criticized for not reacting quickly to her disappearance, Sheriff's Office personnel said they are taking Tuesday's call seriously.

On an audio tape, the woman sounds confused, and her words are slurred. The woman made two phone calls, beginning about 5pm.

In the first call, she says two men were harassing her near a Popeye's restaurant. Later, she says a man named "Dave Stan" held her hostage in a Cadillac.

Police searched near I-75 and several ballfields because the woman told a dispatcher that she saw children playing baseball. (info from

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