Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Store manager says 911 call ignored during brawl

An Arco convenience store manager in Reno, Nevada says he's disappointment with the lack of emergency response to a brawl that made a mess of his store just before 2am Tuesday. Tape from a security camera shows six people fighting and knocking over shelves.

The surveillance video also shows the store clerk on the phone. The manager says this is when the clerk called 911. The manager says no one answered the clerk's call.

The director of Reno emergency communications Patricia Williams, says there was "sufficient staffing" in the emergency call center at the time the clerk called. Williams says she is waiting to hear from the person who processes 911 calls to find out if the 911 call was, in fact, ignored.

The manager says when the clerk did not get a response from 911, he ran outside to flag down a police officer. Three officers came into the store to investigate, but the store manager says police did not make any arrests.

Reno police commander Jon Catalano says officers did respond and did take a crime report. He says police could not arrest the men in the fight, because it ended before they arrived on the scene. Catalano says the officers instructed the store manager to file a formal complaint to press charges. The store manager says he plans to pursue the complaint. (info from KRNV)

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