Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wife called 911 to report sheriff for beating her.
Case was investigated by undersheriff.

Should the undersheriff investigate the sheriff? That's what happened on June 2nd in Barton County, Kansas after Alan Harbutz, brother of the sheriff's wife, made a 911 call.

Alan: "My sister Linda Causey has been slugged and struck in the face."

Dispatch: "Where at?"

Alan: "At her home. I suppose you may know who she is? She got struck by Buck Causey."

A few minutes later Linda Causey, the sheriff's wife, also made a 911 call.

Linda: "Hey this is Linda Causey. I think my brother called you.

Dispatch: "Yes he did."

Linda: "God, are they sending somebody out here?

Dispatch: "Linda, Linda, Linda, it's going to be ok."

Linda: "No, it won't be OK."

Dispatch: "Gary's going to stop in. It's just going to be Gary."

It was Gary who investigated. Gary Vaughan, Barton County's undersheriff. The Sheriff's Office says Vaughan saw no evidence of battery and sheriff Causey was not arrested.

The Barton County Attorney contacted the state Attorney General. The Attorney General contacted the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

Reporter Adam Marshall of KWCH television said "We wanted to know what's the policy when law enforcement investigates one of its own. We asked the Barton County sheriff's Office, Great Bend Police, and the K.B.I. They say there is no written policy." (info from KWCH)

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