Friday, June 6, 2008

Frustrated mother killed baby and called 911

A woman in Winnipeg, Canada accused of killing one of her triplets was heard sobbing to a 911 operator that she had “slammed” the infant’s head. “I can’t believe I’ve done this,” Michelle Camire cries in the recording of the call, which was played at the 26-year-old woman’s trial in late May.

Camire was heard sobbing to a 911 operator that she had slammed her son's head. “My baby was crying. I was frustrated. I slammed his head down, now he’s dead.”

Camire pleaded not guilty to manslaughter in the October 2004 death of three-month-old Michael Helgason, who suffered a fractured skull and a severe brain injury. During the recorded phone call, the woman tells the operator it happened two hours before she called 911.

A paramedic got on the line and told Camire to lie the baby flat on his back and to check his breathing and start mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. “He’s gone,” Camire sobbed. “He’s my first-born.” Her 17-month-old daughter can be heard in the background calling, “Mommy!” “I can’t believe I did this to him,” Camire said over the phone.

“You did a good job,” the paramedic told her. “No, I didn’t, but thank you,” Camire replied.

When Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic Service first-responders Bradley Mazor and Nicholas Carlson arrived, they testified, they found Camire kneeling next to her son with her hands on his torso.

The baby wasn’t breathing and had no pulse. He couldn’t be revived and was pronounced dead in hospital.

The court also heard from a worker who was hired to help the family. She said Camire was a “good mother.” (info & photo from Winnipeg Free Press)

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