Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Woman told 911 that deputies held cat hostage

A woman in Englewood, Florida was arrested Monday after placing five non-emergency 911 calls and accusing deputies of holding her cat hostage.

The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office received a 911 call from Melissa Venerable, claiming she beat up her boyfriend and needed to be arrested. When deputies arrived, Venerable was uncooperative and hostile, and denied everything.

While talking at the door, Venerable's cat ran out. She refused to talk any more until they caught her cat. She called 911 again. Deputies caught her cat and offered to give it to her, but she refused to open the door, so deputies let the cat go and left.

Venerable called 911 three more times, complaining that deputies were holding her cat hostage. She was warned to stop using 911 unless it was an emergency, or she would be arrested.

When deputies returned, Venerable's boyfriend was there and denied knowing anything. After Venerable admitted calling 911 and threatening her boyfriend, she grabbed a deputy's arm and pushed him out the door. Venerable was charged with two felonies, Battery on an Officer, and Abuse of 911 System. She was taken to Jail. (info & photo from WWSB TV)

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