Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Drug buyer called cops and was arrested

When Max Minnefield of East Hartford, Connecticut didn't get the item he paid for Monday night, he called the police. But when an officer arrived, it was Minnefield who got arrested. What he had tried to buy, was crack cocaine.

Minnefield was charged with criminal attempt to commit possession of narcotics, a charge that was quickly dropped during his arraignment Tuesday, where court personnel worked hard to stifle chuckles.

"You called the police to complain that you didn't receive drugs for your $8?" a smiling Judge Bradford Ward said. "Did you really think the police were going to go after the people?" Minnefield's public defender pointed out that no drugs were found, so the state made the right decision to drop the case.

Late Monday, Officer Larry Henrickson was dispatched to a rooming house where Minnefield lives. When he arrived, he heard a heated argument going on behind the building. Minnefield told him that a man and a woman had stolen $8 from him.

"I asked him how they had gotten his $8," Henrickson wrote in his report, "and he stated that he had given them the money for crack but he got nothing back." (info from Hartford Courant)

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