Thursday, April 10, 2008

Unhappy with cops, bartender fined for 911 call

A Chetek, Wisconsin man was found guilty of a unlawful use of a telephone after making a false emergency phone call.

According to the criminal complaint, Timothy L. Johnson called 911 in April 2007, identified himself and explained he was the owner of Red's in Chetek. The bar and restaurant had been the subject of a break-in and Johnson stated he was not happy with the services provided by the local police. The dispatch officer told him to contact the Chetek Police Chief because the Chetek officer had left the bar and restaurant and was assisting deputies with a stabbing. The dispatcher told Johnson he would attempt to get a deputy to assist, but noted they were all tied up with calls.

Johnson then replied, "You think a stabbing incident is something, you better get someone down here because the next call will be someone dead on the ground."

Johnson called a second time and told the dispatcher that he had a guy on the ground. A deputy went to the establishment and smelled alcohol on Johnson. When the deputy asked why he called 911 and advised the dispatcher he was holding a subject, Johnson stated he did that because he was not happy with the law enforcement response to his complaint and needed an officer to clear the building.

Johnson was found guilty due to a no contest plea and was fined $249. (info from the Chetek Alert) (photo is of a student from The New York Bartending School of South Florida, not Timothy L. Johnson)

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