Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Old cellphone kept calling 911,
hundreds of times

Operators at the Black Hawk County Consolidated Communications Center in eastern Iowa received about 400 calls from the same cellphone last fall, and no caller said anything.

Officials can't locate the phone but have figured out that it is an old phone not currently associated with a cellphone provider. Under FCC rules, such phones can still place 911 calls. The phone can't receive calls, and emergency workers haven't been able to track the owner through service records, either. "We are pretty helpless," said Judy Flores, the center's administrative supervisor.

Officials are suspicious that it could be a prank, but they say it's not funny and is potentially dangerous. Until the source of the calls is found or they stop, dispatchers answer every call, in case someone is calling about a real emergency. (info from The Associated Press)

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