Wednesday, April 30, 2008

911 operator fired for falling asleep during call

A Tennessee 911 operator and his supervisor have been fired after the operator fell asleep in the middle of an emergency call. "Our lives were in danger," the caller, who wanted to be identified only as "Lisa", said.

The call begins as Lisa calls 911 and a Memphis operator answered. Lisa tells the operator she was robbed at gunpoint earlier in the evening, and that she now hears someone trying to break into her home. "I just heard tapping on my window," she tells the operator. "I need somebody over here."

The line goes silent. As Lisa continues to explain her situation, the dispatcher does not respond. Finally, one full minute later the sounds of snoring can be heard on the line.

"Are you there?" Lisa asks. "Yes ma'am," the operator replies. "What is the, um, what's your address?" Lisa can then be heard hanging up the phone.

Lisa eventually got help after she called another 911 agency. (info from WTLV NBC-12)

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