Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tampa 911's greatest wackos

One man in Tampa, Florida recently called 911 and said he needed a doctor because his condom broke.

Another said, "I'm declaring diplomatic immunity. Please send me an English-speaking diplomat."

And on Sunday, Lawrence Tucholski told the 911 dispatcher that Tampa police are useless and some will die. He called back a few minutes later and said Mayor Pam Iorio should be executed.

Those calls landed Tucholski in jail.

Eddie Durkin, communications supervisor, said he's heard it all, like the man who called in to see how many life insurance polices his wife had on him.

A 10-year-old called 18 times over 90 minutes and cursed at dispatchers. Police identified the boy and he is facing charges.

Another outrageous call came from a man claiming he needed immediate police assistance. "I've picked up a prostitute," he said, "and she won't get out of my car. I need a policeman here right away."

Then there's the case of the naked guy.

Dispatcher: "911, what's your emergency?"

Caller: "I'm naked."

"Where are you?"

"I'm outside. And I'm naked."

"What's your name?"


"Jason what?"

"Jason I'm in the Middle of the Street and I'm Naked. Is your cop going to be OK that I'm naked?"

Dispatchers said that calls like this may sound funny, but they are not laughing. Every bogus call could mean that someone in real danger may not get help in time. (info from Tampa Bay Online)

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