Thursday, September 2, 2010

Man called 911 for hot chocolate and a hug

Mark Eskelsen, a homeless man in Oregon, sneaked into someone's hot tub. When he got out, he was wet and got cold, so he called 911 and asked for towels, hot chocolate and a hug.

He was arrested instead of hugged.

Eskelsen called 911 from his cellphone and identified himself as the "sheriff of Washington County." He then asked for medical attention, later admitting that he wasn't the sheriff. Eskelsen also said he had been in the hot tub for ten hours and that his towels had gotten soaked.

"I just need a hug and a warm cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows in it," he told the 911 operator.
Neighbors also called police complaining that a man was yelling outside. When the dispatcher asked if Eskelsen had a weapon, he said no and that he had "fingers that are so numb they've turned into prunes. Even if I did have a gun I don't think I could hold onto it right now."

Eskelsen was arrested for trespassing and misusing the 911 system. But when police checked his cellphone, they realized he hadn't called 911 but had been transferred to 911 from 411.

Police also found marijuana on Eskelsen and said that he seemed to be on drugs during the incident. (info form The New York Daily News)


911 and the Randomness.. said...

This is a new level of our needy culture.... at least he dialed 411 tho...

suz said...

How about a hug from a straight jacket and a warm drink of sedatives?Dude needs way more help than 911 can give him!