Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boy called 911 because sister hogged computer

A five-year-old boy in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada called  911  to complain because  his six-year-old sister was hogging the computer.

He threatened to call the cops if she would not let him use the PC, and when she wouldn't relinquish control, he made the call.  He told the 911 operator he needed help and hung up.

Officers arrived at the house, and found the parents home, and no emergency. A Mountie took the boy aside for a chat and established the groundrules for calling 911. The boy now knows to call only when there's a fire, when someone is hurt or when a stranger is trying to hurt you. "The lad also made it clear that 911 shouldn't be called when your sister won't let you on the computer," said RCMP Const. Steve Holmes.

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suz said...

Wow, I feel OLD! Doesn't this boy know that PARENTS are the ones who make and enforce the rule in the home? I Wonder who forgot to teach him that. No wonder kids think they're in charge; apparently no one else is! Absentee parents, right there in the same house!

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