Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Man Calls 911 for Theft – of Cocaine

Chicagoan Steven Dragon was reportedly driving a car that authorities were watching out for early this year. He was pulled over and a detective then searched the vehicle, while Dragon talked to a police officer. The search subsequently yielded drugs, which were confiscated.

Upon his return, Dragon noticed that the drugs that he left in the car were no longer there. At this point, he called 911. Here’s an excerpt of the conversation:

Dragon: “When the cops took me down the street to get okay’ed, my car got f****** robbed.”

Dispatcher: “The police had you and someone broke into your car and took your keys?”

Dragon: “Yeah. The police had me…. and when they had me somebody f***** me over.”

Based on the conversation it looks like Dragon is accusing the police of stealing his stash; apparently, its OK for the police to question him but they are not supposed to take cocaine from his car.
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