Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Teen urged father to kill burglar while talking to 911

Early yesterday morning in Georgetown, Kentucky a father and his 16-year old son held a man at gunpoint after he kicked in the door of their town home

The teen called 911. "Oh my God, shoot, shoot him dad," he said while on the phone.

For four minutes, they held two guns on 18-year old Josh Slone, a neighbor.

"He kicked in the back door and now we have 'em at gunpoint," the son said. The father said, "If you move one foot, I will kill you at the count of three."

Police arrived and arrested Slone. He was charged with burglary and criminal mischief.

Now for the really strange part. About two hours later, there was another sound at the door. It was Slone's cousin, Thomas trying to kick in the door.

The father and son grabbed their guns again, and police arrived and arrested him on the front porch.

Police aren't sure why they picked the house, but believe they were so drunk, they didn't know where they were. Josh Slone lives a few houses down from the one he is accused of breaking into. (info from WKYT.com

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