Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Teen with knife called 911 and was shot by cop

Police in Bloomington, Indiana said Friday that the 16-year-old who was shot by police made the 911 call that led police to him. His cellphone number is the same as the number recorded by the 911 system when the call was placed,

The 16-year-old called 911 and said that a man was "threatening to kill the police" at the Bloomington Transit bus terminal. He described the person as "a black guy with an army outfit on" and said the man was yelling at random people and pulled out a knife.

Officer John Coleman was the first to arrive on the scene. Coleman spotted the suspect standing with his hands in his pockets. Coleman then commanded the suspect to remove his hands from his pockets.

Officer George Connolly arrived on the scene, and when he was several feet behind the suspect, the teen revealed a knife in his right hand wrapped in a “kind of plastic material,” which the suspect started to shake off.

The suspect then charged at Coleman, who fired his weapon twice when the boy was within five feet of him. Paramedic crews arrived on the scene after officers immediately called 911. The boy underwent surgeries for two shots in his chest and abdomen. The injuries were reportedly not life threatening. Police refused to confirm the identity of the boy who was shot because he is a minor.

Police said they interviewed eight witnesses who confirmed the story and recovered two shell casings and the knife, which apparently belonged to the suspect. (info from

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