Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Elderly woman held robber at gunpoint
during 911 call

Sunday night, a 70-year-old woman in South Bend, Indiana stopped an intruder in his tracks, holding him at gunpoint until police arrived. The woman called 911 about 9 p.m. sounding frantic, but prepared.

“I’ve got my gun out. Somebody’s trying to get in my house,” she told a dispatcher. “I’ll have to shoot him if he comes in.”

“What kind of weapon do you have?" asked the dispatcher. “I have a .38," the homeowner responded.

Minutes later, the intruder was inside, breaking through a window, but was stopped by the homeowner.

“I don’t want to have to kill anybody, but I will,” she said.

“She felt threatened by a man entering her home illegally by breaking the window and she was going to protect herself,” St. Joseph County Police Sgt. Bill Redman said.

After holding her intruder at gunpoint for almost five minutes, police arrived and arrested Cyrus Brown on preliminary charges of burglary, resisting arrest, and intimidation.

But Brown told police and the homeowner he was just looking for help. Police said he crashed his car near this woman's home because he said he was being chased by gang members trying to kill him. Authorities took Brown to the hospital for a broken leg before being booked into jail. Police are still looking into the story. (info from WSB TV)

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