Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nice, not wacky: 911 operator helps deliver baby via phone

On Sunday morning, Jessica Portugal's mother called 911 in Tucson, Arizona, and said that her daughter, Jessica, had gone into labor.

911 dispatcher Lani Dzicek received the call. A mother of three herself, Dzicek was prepared for the baby that just wouldn't wait, with a set of instruction cards. "We just go from step to step, and depending on how they answer, the instructions let us know where we have to go next."

"From the time the call was sent to the time the baby was born, it was like three minutes," says Dzicek.

When the paramedic's arrived, the baby was already born. The dispatcher-turned-doctor says that when the baby was born, all the other dispatchers let out a loud cheer. "Everyone was excited and saying congratulations to me, like I had the baby."

"There's a lot of tragedy that goes through this room and it's really nice when you get one of those feel-good calls. And this was a feel-good call," says Dzicek. Mommy and baby Joshua are fine. (info from KVOA) (photo shows a different baby)

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