Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not a wacko: woman called 911 with bullet in her head

Heather Brammer of Manning, South Carolina is in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the base of her skull. Police Chief Randy Garrett said she's lucky to be alive. She was shot while working at a tuxedo rental store on Friday.

A man came into the store around 10am saying he wanted to rent a tuxedo. She showed him the selection and even took a deposit, and he came back an hour and a half later and robbed her.

Investigators say the man took cash from the register, fired a shot that hit a clothing rack and then made Heather go to the back where he shot her execution style.

Dispatcher: Is he out of the building now?
Heather: Yes, he's gone. He shot me in the back of the head.
Dispatcher: You're shot in the back of the head?
Heather: It feels like my neck or my head. My head's killing me.
Dispatcher: She was shot in the neck.
Heather: I can't see right.

The chief believes it was the robber's intention to kill Heather and that when he left, he thought she was dead. But Heather held on talking to the dispatcher for two minutes waiting for paramedics.

Dispatcher: Do you hear them?
Heather: No!
Dispatcher: Do you hear them? I hear them -- they're coming -- EMS is gonna be walking in the door in just a sec, OK?
Heather: OK!

Heather is in the hospital. She is improving, but not out of the woods. Police do not believe it was the robber's first crime and worry it will not be his last. Heather also told 911 that the man who shot her took off in a green Mitsubishi Galant. As of Monday, he was still on the run. (info from WIS TV)

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